August 2014 ICT Newsletter

Accessible SU image

  • Accessibility
  • Using Headings on Your Web Pages
  • Faculty Focus: Douglas A. Wolf
  • Emerging Technology: Geeky Fitness
  • The Global Collaboratory: Event Support
  • Tips and Tricks: Excel Drop-Down Lists
  • Staff Focus: Summer Memories
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ICT Newsletter December 2013

  • Windows 8 upgrades; Qualtrics Researchqualtrics
  • Student Focus: ICT Work Study
  • Ektron Update: Web Maintainer’s meeting; Web Training Videos
  • Maxwell Staff Focus: Dana Cooke
  • The Global Collaboratory: Event Support and Media Production
  • Emerging Technology: Xbox One and Playstation 4
  • Tips and Tricks: Open Files Faster; Outlook To-Do Bar; Smashing Magazine Wallpaper
  • Family Follow-up
  • Fun Stuff: Cookie Recipes
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ICT Newsletter Summer 2013

  • Windows 8 upgrades continue
  • Ektron Update: Maxwell Launches New WebsiteCapture
  • The Global Collaboratory: Event support reminder
  • Student Focus: New IML Consultant
  • Maxwell School Staff Focus: Joe Stoll
  • Emerging Technology: Google Glass
  • Tips and Tricks: Excel 2013 Flash Fill; Office 2013 reminders; SUshare
  • Fun Stuff: Summer Memories
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ICT Newsletter – April 2013

  • Start2ICT Prepares for Windows 8 and Office 2013
  • Ektron Update: Mobile-friendly Maxwell Web Site
  • Emerging Technology: Windows 8
  • Staff Focus: Did you know this about the ICT Staff?
  • Faculty Focus: Janet Wilmoth
  • The Global Collaboratory: Maxwell uStream; Campbell Conversations; Event Support Form
  • Tips and Tricks: Excel 2010 AutoCalculate; Snipping / Screenshot Tools; Add a Printer; Windows Explorer Favorites
  • Fun Stuff: ICT Staff Favorite Websites
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ICT Newsletter – December 2012

  • Maxwell Recording Studio; Microsoft Home Use Program; Mobile Device Security Standard
  • Emerging Technology: SmartCloud Live Video
  • The Global Collaboratory: Video Capabilities
  • Faculty Focus: Jonathan Hanson
  • Tips and Tricks: Create New Windows in Word and Excel; Arrange Windows; Create a Workspace
  • Maxwell’s YouTube Channel
  • Staff Focus: The Staff Talks Pets
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ICT Newsletter – August 2012

  •  Canon EOS 60DWorkflow Applications,, New Security Policies, Matlab Cluster, Research Computing
  • Staff Focus: What is your favorite mobile device app?
  • Faculty Focus: Grant Reeher
  • Emerging Technology: Surface Table
  • The Global Collaboratory: GC Updates
  • Ektron Update: Ektron Upgrade Complete
  • Tips and Tricks: Add a Second Time Zone to the Calendar
  • Announcement: New Digital Camera
  • Fun Stuff: ICT Recipes
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