Research Computing at Syracuse

The Maxwell School is proud to partner with the central computing group (ITS) and other academic schools on campus to bring high quality research computing solutions to Syracuse University.

Research Computing Web Site 


Academic Virtual Hosting Environment (AVHE)

The AVHE pilot program allows a researcher the opportunity to request a powerful virtual machine to use with their choice of program, such as R or Stata, to perform statistical research on a more customized or limited basis. When the project is complete, the “virtual computer” can be simply turned off until needed or repurposed for another project. This sustainable and cost effective solution eliminates the need to maintain expensive hardware on a year round basis when only occasional research computing resources are needed. Like the HPC cluster, the AVHE resources are located in the secure Green Data Center, which can be accessed remotely from virtually anywhere.

Condor Grid

The SU central computing group (ITS) has introduced yet another solution for research computing called Condor. Condor is an open source high throughput computing solution that uses a specialized workload management system for computer-intensive jobs. This can be achieved by effectively using wasted CPU power from otherwise idle desktop workstations.

On campus, desktops that are a member of the “Condor grid” are configured to run when idle, and only outside the normal working hours. When Condor detects that a desktop is being used (such as a key press detected or logging in and using the desktop remotely), Condor is able to transparently migrate the job to a different machine which would otherwise be idle. This allows the researcher to submit computing tasks to literally hundreds, or even thousands, of desktop computers at the same time, replacing the need for expensive high performance computing hardware.

Mobile Teaching Carts

Mobile Teaching Carts (MTCs) are carts with a computer, speakers and projector for use in rooms that do not have installed computers and projectors.

Rock-Solid Computing

Maxwell ICT provides the most secure and robust computing infrastructure available!