Word 2016: Mail Merge to Email with Attachments

Date(s) - 09/19/2017
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

IML (Eggers Hall, room 062)


Microsoft word logoWe have all sent emails with attachments to individual recipients, as well as groups of people – you add the recipients to the “To” field of the email message, attach the file, and hit the Send button.

What if you want to send an email to a group of people, but need to include different attachments to individuals within the group? Any attachment sent to one person in the group will be sent to the other recipients. If you want to include a recipient-specific attachment, you have to send a separate email to each person.

OR –

By using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word, and incorporating a Directory and a macro in the process, you can send an email to a group of people and include an attachment specific to each recipient. The Directory contains the list of recipient email addresses and the location (file path) of the recipient-specific document. The macro is a set of instructions, programmed in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which will complete the mail merge process.

In this training session, we will go over the steps required to make this happen:

  • You will set a reference to the Microsoft Office Outlook Object Library, which is found in the Visual Basic Editor.
  • You will create the macro required to complete the mail merge.
  • You will create the Directory document that the macro uses when sending the mail merge.
  • Finally, you will create a mail merge letter, utilize the macro and Directory, and send the email messages with the attached files.

Note – you cannot send recipient-specific attachments in a “normal” mail merge. You must use VBA to make this work. Please join us for this informative training session!

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