Virtual Resources

The Information and Computing Technology (ICT) Group at the Maxwell School supports multiple types of computing-configurations that are optimized for social science research.   We will work directly with the researcher to identify what compute-package (a combination of hardware and software) would be the best fit for your project.  We will continue to work with the researcher to make adjustments as your project or needs grow.

Below is a brief overview of the most common types of computing resources we support.  All resources are accessed remotely.

Dedicated Virtual Computers with resources up to:

  • Intel i7 and Xeon Processors
  • 24 Cores
  • 2.8GHz per Core
  • 64GB RAM

Dedicated Physical Computers with resources up to:

  • Intel i7 Processors
  • 4 Core
  • 3.6GHz per Core
  • 64 GB RAM

Special Customized Configurations:

Need more?  ICT will partner with the campus IT group to discuss any particular configuration you might need to make your project a success.

A note on virtual resource availability:

In extreme and very rare cases, the campus virtual computing infrastructure may not be available due to maintenance or repair.  During these events, the user’s data integrity and operational state are preserved, and are fully restored after the event is over – along with the users access.  Due to the very unexpected nature of the event, communications is not always provided prior to these events.  But, we always make best-effort to contact those users that may have been affected.

Secure Research Rooms

The Maxwell School features three restricted rooms for research data that requires special security requirements.  These rooms are off-network and have special room security.  ICT provides full data custodial support where specified, including password changes, encryption, backup and data destruction at the end of the project.

Desktop Resources

The desktops used by faculty, and students in the Maxwell School are configured with at least the following specifications:

  • Intel i7 Processors
  • 4 Core
  • 3.4GHz per Core
  • 16 GB RAM