Maxwell research computers feature Windows 10 operating system software, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, an email client, and other standard Maxwell software including an Internet browser. Depending on license availability, ICT supports a wide variety of statistical software including Stata MP4, SPSS, SAS, Matlab, R, and R Studio. We will consider other software packages based on security, license eligibility and Windows/network compatibility.

Windows operating software requires patches to be applied somewhat often. We understand that this frequency of updates may not align with your research or other use of the resource. We ask that you make every reasonable effort to apply these updates when you can. If your resource is identified to be over 60 days past due of any update, we work with you directly to apply the updates.

Additionally, these computing resources are regularly scanned for malicious software/activity. We will contact you if the scan reports any issues with your resource.

All research computing resources can be accessed remotely from any Windows or Macintosh computer using the campus VPN and remote desktop software. ICT will provide training so you can easily access the research computer from virtually anywhere in the world.

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