Network File Storage

As you logon to a Maxwell computer with your NetID you will see the following networked drives.

H Drive = Home directory

This space is for personal data storage.   Your home directory is backed up nightly, data that is stored in your directory for 24 hours can generally be recovered if lost or corrupted.

G Drive = Collaborative space

This space is for academic and administrative projects and is available by request only. This can be a shared or private space.  Examples of drive usage would be storage of large datasets or research projects.

Please DO NOT store files on any local C Drives.  If you do so, these files will be viewable by any user logging onto that machine and these files will not be backed up.

If you have accidentally deleted your files and wish to restore the contents of a networked drive to an earlier time, please see the Personal Restore page.

Shared Folder Permissions

Each shared folder should have a designated custodian.  All requests for access must be emailed to by the designated custodian, or the chair, director, or dean of the relevant unit.

Inside your G-Drive Collaborative space you will find FOUR folders that are created for you.  Each folder has a different set of permissions already applied to it.  Also people who are given access the folder are divided into two groups:

  • Administrators: The folder owner plus anyone else who needs full read and write access to all other folders within the main folder.
  • Users: Users are typically students or anyone who is not an Administrator.
Folders in the G-Drive Collaborative Space

Users have the following permissions on the default sub-directories:

  1. Admin folder – Has full rights read and write access to all folders within the main folder.
  2. Drop Box folder – Users can “deposit” something in the folder, but cannot see inside the folder or remove or overwrite anything from or within it.
  3. Public folder – Users can read and write to the folder.
  4. Distribution Materials folder – Users can only read items in the folder. They cannot write to the folder or alter its contents.

It’s not necessary to use all the folders, but the folders represent most of the possible access scenarios one would need to manage a folder.



Account Policies

Computing Accounts

Computing accounts in Maxwell are no longer separate from Syracuse University.  Your SU NetID can be used to login to computers in the Maxwell School.  Most users (faculty, staff and students) will use their NetID however, there may be special circumstances that require a special account.

SU / ITS Computing Policies




Requesting a Maxwell Guest Account

Guest accounts may be requested for faculty or staff with a Maxwell affiliation – if this affiliation is not clear, it should be documented with the request.  Email is not included with a guest account.

To request a new Maxwell computer account, have the below information ready then submit this form.

  • User’s full name
  • SU ID number – only first nine digits are needed (ex: 12345-6789)
  • Home department and sponsor Status – staff or faculty
  • If a student, temporary staff member, part-time instructor or one-year faculty appointment, the anticipated end date of affiliation with Maxwell
  • Anticipated account expiration date

Account Policies

All users logging in to Maxwell computers with a NetID are required to abide by SU security and SU computing policies. Accounts are not to be shared or passed on to anyone other than the account’s named owner for use.

Account Expiration

Permanent faculty and staff accounts do not have expiration dates. Expiration dates are set for students, temporary staff, part-time instructors and one year faculty appointments.

Account Termination

Accounts may be locked or deleted by ICT where there is a threat to system security or stability. Accounts which ICT believes are shared may be locked until the account owner is contacted.

Special Circumstances

ICT works with the chair of the user’s department and/or the Dean’s office or other appropriate Syracuse University or legal authorities when dealing with the death of an account holder, or in other special circumstances.

Account Removal

Once Maxwell faculty, staff and students leave the school, ICT is under no obligation to continue providing account access and it will be scheduled for removal. Staff and faculty accounts may be disabled immediately after departure if no other arrangements are made with ICT. Generally, an account will be permanently deleted 6 months after departure or on the account expiration date.

Student accounts expire two years after graduation.

Computing Policies Overview

Both Syracuse University and the Maxwell School maintain Information Technology policies:


Below are links to policies specific to the Maxwell School. Where any perceived differences exist between Maxwell and SU policies, SU policies will be regarded as the authoritative.


Maxwell School Policies and Information