Maxwell Auditorium / Canon 60D Sample Photos

Maxwell ICT maintains a small pool of camera equipment we loan out to our faculty, staff and students.  This page contains sample photos taken with the Canon 60D .

Note: All of the photos below are as they appear out of the camera – the images have only been sized down – no other image enhancements or corrections have been applied.

Each image is linked to the original (full-sized) JPG file.  EXIF data showing exposure, metering and other properties can be viewed by downloading the full-sized photo.


Canon60d + Sigma18-50mm.   ISO = 1600 F = 2.8 Shutterspeed = 1/250
Canon 60d + Sigma18-50mm.
ISO = 1600
F = 2.8
Shutterspeed = 1/250
Whitebalance = auto



Canon60d + Canon 85mm. ISO = 1600 F = 2.0 Shutterspeed = 1/400 Whitebalance = auto
Canon 60d + Canon 85mm.
ISO = 1600
F = 2.0
Shutterspeed = 1/400
Whitebalance = auto



Canon 60d + Sigma 150mm. ISO = 1600 F = 2.8 Shutterspeed = 1/250 Whitebalance = auto
Canon 60d + Sigma 150mm.
ISO = 1600
F = 2.8
Shutterspeed = 1/250
Whitebalance = auto




Equipment Loans & Interactive Media Lab (IML)

Digital Camera Lens
The Interactive Media Lab (Eggers Hall room 062) provides users with the tools, technology and support for building many forms of interactive media content.

The IML’s 8 workstations are tailored for the following purposes:

  • Document, Image and Slide Scanning
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Audio/Video Capture and Encoding
  • Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Authoring
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IML Hours:

The lab is open 24×7 for users who have had their SU ID Card encoded for Lab access.


Student Access:

Requires a faculty sponsor or description of a project for which IML resources are needed.  Bring your SU ID card and project description to ICT’s main office located in 034E Eggers Hall.

Faculty and Staff Access:

SU IDs are already coded with access to the IML.

The IML offers several digital cameras and digital video cameras for loan (24-hour) to the Maxwell community. These digital cameras range in sophistication from point-and-shoot ease to full-featured, professional caliber, Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) style.

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Canon 60d

Canon 60d

The Canon 60d  is a high-quality, professional grade, SLR (Single Reflex Lens) camera. This camera comes equipped with external flash and several different lenses.

View sample images from Maxwell Auditorium.

Sony RX100


The Sony RX100 camera is a small, easy-to-use digital camera. It can easily fit in your shirt-pocket and is great for simple snapshots.

Sony voice recorderOlympus Digital Voice Recorders (two available)

The Olympus Digital Voice Recorders are small, self-contained audio recorders which are ideal for simple voice recordings.

Sony camcorder

Sony SR-100 Camcorder

The Sony SR-100 digital video camcorder is tapeless in that records directly to a built in hard drive.

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The IML is staffed with Consultants who are available to train and advise users on how to use the lab’s resources. Please email us through for the latest IML Consultant hours. It is also the location of many of Maxwell’s training sessions.

Such training includes:

  • Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
  • Web site development and online survey creation
  • Select Adobe Creative Suite applications (PhotoShop, InDesign)
  • Document scanning and PDF Creation
  • Video Capture and Encoding

Learn more about the workstations of the IML computers.

  • Creating Images and Videos
  • Creating a Digital Publication
  • Creating DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Web DVDs
  • Making Photos and Footage Into a Movie
  • Designing
  • Editing and Recording Audio
  • Editing Videos
  • Audio Transcription
  • Playing Back VHS and DVD
  • Scanning Photos or Documents
  • Scanning Slides
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