April 2018 ICT Newsletter

  • James PattersonTriCaster TC1, Accessibility initiative
  • Ektron Update: How to Prevent Empty Hyperlinks in Ektron
  • Emerging Technology: ATSC3.0
  • The Global Collaboratory: new live transcription equipment for SLR
  • Maxwell Staff Focus: Nell Bartkowiak
  • Student Focus: James Patterson
  • Tips and Tricks: Use Voting Buttons in Outlook
  • ICT Staff Focus: What is Your Favorite Multimedia Site?

April 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
April 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 ICT Newsletter

  • Partial eclipse of the sunResearch Computing, Excel Training and Certification program, Improvements to assist students with study and collaboration, Accessible SU
  • Faculty Focus: Scott Landes
  • Ektron Update: Maxwell’s Web Presence: What’s Next?
  • Emerging Technology: Microsoft HoloLens
  • The Global Collaboratory: Events from the Fall Semester
  • Tips and Tricks: Customize Outlook’s Navigation Pane
  • Staff Focus: Must-See T.V. in the World of ICT
  • Student Focus: Sam DelFavero
  • Fun Stuff: Partial Eclipse of the Sun

December 2017 Newsletter (PDF Version)
December 2017 Newsletter


August 2017 ICT Newsletter

  • Excel 2016 logoUser Experience Virtualization, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 Certification, Stata MP4, Accessibility
  • Ektron Update: Maxwell School and the World Wide Web – Part One
  • Emerging Technology: Battles of the Voice Controlled Smart Speakers
  • Faculty Focus: Eugene Liu
  • Student Focus: Elizabeth Sedore
  • Tips and Tricks: Quick Parts
  • ICT Staff Focus: Common Questions ICT Receives from Users
  • The Global Collaboratory: Computer Aided Real-time Transcription

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April 2017 ICT Newsletter

Maxwell School Recording Studio

  • Windows 10 upgrade, research computing, accessibility training
  • Emerging Technology: Facebook Live
  • The Global Collaboratory: Maxwell School Recording Studio
  • ICT Staff Focus: Favorite applications
  • Maxwell School YouTube Page
  • Maxwell School Staff Focus: Gretchen Fitzgerald
  • Tips and Tricks: Smart Lookup
  • ICT Student Focus: Shuning Zhang

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December 2016 ICT Newsletter

  • 25th Issue logo25th Issue of the ICT Newsletter, research computing, accessibility
  • Ektron Update: Proactive Web Page Accessibility Scanning
  • Emerging Technology: Review of past topics
  • The Global Collaboratory: Review of past articles
  • Tips and Tricks: Email one worksheet from an Excel file
  • Student Focus: Where are they now?
  • Faculty Focus / Maxwell Staff Focus: Review of past participants
  • Memories from past newsletters

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August 2016 ICT Newsletter

  • Orange SUccess, computing research, AccessibilitySmartThings Hub
  • Ektron Update: Sizing Photos for the Web
  • Maxwell Staff Focus: Isaac Olson
  • Emerging Technology: Samsung SmartThings
  • The Global Collaboratory: GC update and recent events
  • Tips and Tricks: File Explorer in Windows 10
  • Fun Stuff: Favorite ICT Staff Vacation Pictures

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April 2016 ICT Newsletter

  • Windows 10, Office 2016, Global Collaboratory Upgrade, AccessibilityEktron Site or Dashboard
  • Maxwell Student Focus: Jen Brooks
  • ICT Staff Focus: What does the ICT Staff like about Windows 10?
  • Ektron Update: The Ektron Dashboard
  • Emerging Technology: The Internet of Things
  • The Global Collaboratory: Recent Events
  • Tips and Tricks: Outlook and Word changes

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ITS Accessibility Offerings

ITS adds walk-in consulting and expands workshops for improving the accessibility of documents, web pages, and videos

SU seeks to ensure that all people regardless of individual ability or disability can effectively access University communications and technology. Information Technology Services (ITS) is pleased to announce their new Walk-in IT Accessibility Help Desk hours. New this semester, the IT Accessibility Help Desk provides consultation on related topics, including video captioning, remediation of your PDF, PowerPoint, or Word documents to ensure accessibility, and identifying and fixing accessibility issues on your website. This new service is available Mondays and Thursdays, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the ITS Service Center, in room 1-227 Center for Science and Technology. Continue Reading

December 2015 Newsletter

Windows 10 logo

  • Deployment of Windows 10; Office 2016; Green Days and remote desktop users; Accessibility training continues
  • Faculty Focus: Christopher R. DeCorse
  • Emerging Technology: Windows 10
  • Ektron Update: reCaptcha
  • Student Focus: Adam Gendler
  • The Global Collaboratory
  • Reboot Your Computer!
  • Staff Holiday Traditions

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