Externally Funded Research

Computer ChipsExternal support for research is an important priority for the Maxwell School. We have found that virtually all externally supported research projects ultimately have computing implications. In the most basic cases, our technology environment supports research by providing access to basic services like word processing and electronic mail for communication among researchers. And, of course, some projects will make extensive use of computing for such things as data analysis and storage; video conferencing, or technical support.  ICT is eager to consult with you as you begin to develop funding proposals.

Early conversations with ICT can be helpful in several ways:

  • ICT can do an initial assessment of likely technology requirements for your research.
  • If your proposed research will be using technology resources, we can provide you with language you might use in your proposal to describe the Maxwell computing environment and how it will facilitate your research.
  • While most Maxwell computing services are available at no charge to Maxwell faculty for ordinary teaching, administrative, and research activities, we do expect that, to the extent permitted, externally supported research proposals will include budgets for any additional computing costs associated with that research. For example, special application software, additional computers, significant amounts of additional storage, videoconferences and other technology-supported events all have costs associated with them that should be covered by external funds, overhead recovery, or as a cost match in the proposal (cost matches must be approved by ICT and the Dean’s office).

To help with proposal preparation, we have a general description of the Maxwell technology environment as well as University approved rates for some of ICT’s commonly used services. Again, we encourage face-to-face conversations as you begin to develop your proposal.