Digital Camera LensThe Interactive Media Lab (Eggers Hall room 062) provides users with the tools, technology and support for building many forms of interactive media content.

The IML’s 8 workstations are tailored for the following purposes:

  • Document, Image and Slide Scanning
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Audio/Video Capture and Encoding
  • Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Authoring

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IML Hours:

The lab is open 24×7 for users who have had their SU ID Card encoded for Lab access.

Student Access:

Requires a faculty sponsor or description of a project for which IML resources are needed.  Bring your SU ID card and project description to ICT’s main office located in 034E Eggers Hall.

Faculty and Staff Access:

SU IDs are already coded with access to the IML.

]The IML offers several digital cameras and digital video cameras for loan (24-hour) to the Maxwell community. These digital cameras range in sophistication from point-and-shoot ease to full-featured, professional caliber, Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) style.

Canon 60d

Canon 60d

The Canon 60d  is a high-quality, professional grade, SLR (Single Reflex Lens) camera. This camera comes equipped with external flash and several different lenses.

Sony RX100


The Sony RX100 camera is a small, easy-to-use digital camera. It can easily fit in your shirt-pocket and is great for simple snapshots.

Sony voice recorderOlympus Digital Voice Recorders (two available)

The Olympus Digital Voice Recorders are small, self-contained audio recorders which are ideal for simple voice recordings.

Sony camcorder

Sony SR-100 Camcorder

The Sony SR-100 digital video camcorder is tapeless in that records directly to a built in hard drive.


The Interactive Media Lab is also the location of many of Maxwell’s training sessions.

Such training includes:

  • Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
  • Web site development and online survey creation
  • Select Adobe Creative Suite applications (PhotoShop, InDesign)
  • Document scanning and PDF Creation
  • Web and Document/PDF Accessibility
  • Video Capture and Encoding



Learn more about the workstations of the IML computers.

  • Creating Images and Videos
  • Creating a Digital Publication
  • Creating DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Web DVDs
  • Making Photos and Footage Into a Movie
  • Designing
  • Editing and Recording Audio
  • Editing Videos
  • Audio Transcription
  • Playing Back VHS and DVD
  • Scanning Photos or Documents
  • Scanning Slides