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The Information and Computing Technology group is responsible for support, maintenance, and improvement of most technology in the Maxwell/Eggers Complex.

It is the mission of the Information and Computing Technology Group (ICT) to develop and maintain an advanced technology environment in order to support and enhance the teaching, research, learning, service, and administration activities of the members of The Maxwell School community.

Maxwell & Eggers Halls Technology

The Maxwell School is mainly housed in two connected buildings. The Maxwell complex features a state-of-the-art communications network, which includes fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable, and twisted pair copper wiring to support digital and analog communications. The computer network is built around a switched gigabit Ethernet core, with a high-speed connection to the campus network and the Internet and Internet 2. Wireless networking is available throughout the complex for laptop and mobile users. The technology environment supports a variety of hardware platforms, including Intel-based desktop computers and Sun workstations. Most computing is conducted with Microsoft Windows 7 running on desktop computers. Every network user has access to word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database, and web-development software; in addition, many discipline specific analysis packages are available.

The technology environment is network centric–virtually all data is stored on network servers and centrally backed up. Security is a core feature of the Maxwell environment: server systems are patched weekly and automated audits of permissions occur daily and are backed by a human review of each system weekly. Desktop computers are centrally patched, run anti-virus software, and are audited for conformance to current patch, antivirus levels, and security standards at each login. Remote access services are provided via encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. The Maxwell computing environment is supported by the school’s Information and Computing Technology Group, which offers a variety of orientation sessions for new users.

The Maxwell complex also houses the Global Collaboratory, an advanced technology classroom that can link Maxwell faculty and students with colleagues around the world via ISDN, satellite, or Internet connectivity. The Global Collaboratory has facilities for audio and video editing and production, digital image acquisition and manipulation, and web page development.

The Maxwell Complex houses 10 technology-equipped lecture halls, featuring video and computer projection systems, allowing instructors and their students to use a variety of media in the classroom. Beyond the wireless access available in the Maxwell complex, three electronic lecture halls feature wired network connectivity for laptops at each position.

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