ICT provides different levels of support, ranging from “Full support” for the basic suite of hardware and software provided to “Unsupported” for software or hardware which ICT will not connect to Maxwell’s computers or network.

Support Policies

Support Type Description 

  • Full – ICT will provide full support for the hardware, including functional support. ICT provides the licenses for standard software.
  • Standard – ICT maintains software in this category for use by the Maxwell community. ICT may or may not provide licenses for software in this category. ICT will setup and ensure functionality of hardware in this category–we do not consult on software that supports this hardware (digital camera or scanner support software, for example).
  • Best Effort – ICT will invest up to two hours, including consultation with the vendor, to try to make the device/software function normally. After two hours of effort, ICT will not make further investments in that device. The two hour support limit is per device or application, not per feature. If an ICT upgrade or installation causes a device or application in this category to malfunction or not function, ICT will invest up to an additional two hours to attempt to make it function properly.
  • Unsupported – ICT does not support the software or device and will not install or integrate it with Maxwell’s network. Generally, the unsupported designation is assigned to items which are known to cause problems with the local computer or the Maxwell network.
ICT does not provide any support or maintenance for hardware not owned by Syracuse University.

Supported Software

ICT provides several levels of support for software in the Maxwell School.  This support ranges from Full to Best Effort.  Software that ICT does not support will not be installed on PCs.  Samples of supported software include:

Full Support

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Expression Web)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows 7

Standard Support

  • Microsoft Publisher
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Adobe Acrobat (reader and creator)
  • 7-Zip


  • Skype


  • Third-party screen savers
  • Personal Firewalls
  • SETI@home
ICT generally supports the latest versions of the software and one revision behind the current version. We do not necessarily upgrade to the latest versions as soon as they become available–this judgment is made by ICT based on an evaluation of compatibility and support concerns. ICT does not guarantee that all functions of each standard or fully supported package are functional or available.

Supported Hardware

Desktop computers provided by ICT can be assumed to receive full support.

Before purchasing any additional hardware, ICT must be consulted (contact service@maxwell.syr.edu) to determine if the desired hardware is supported, will receive best-effort support, or is unsupported.   All equpment purchases made with University funds (including grant, research and department funds) must be made through ICT.  This will allow the asset to be tracked and ensure that the campus security standards are applied.   Please contact service@maxwell.syr.edu for further assistance.

If ICT is not consulted prior to electronic equipment purchases, then the hardware may be unsupported and may violate university security policies.  Hardware purchased with personal funds (i.e. non-university) will also be unsupported.   Macintosh computers, associated software, and peripherals receive best-effort support from ICT.