Emerging Technology

Matt Coulter

By Matt Coulter

New Camcorder Available for Loan

The Interactive Media Lab (IML) which is located in Eggers 062 now has a new Canon XA40 camcorder available for loan to Maxwell students, faculty, and staff.  This camcorder is replacing a 9-year-old Panasonic model.  While the Panasonic has served us well, the video file format which the newer Canon camcorder uses (MP4) is much faster and easier to edit than the older AVCHD video format used by the Panasonic.

This Canon Camcorder also features higher resolution recording (4k vs HD) and has a greater variety of audio inputs which make it a much more flexible and capable camera than the older Panasonic.

Please email webmaster@maxwell.syr.edu for more information about the camera or to reserve it for your use in Maxwell.