Fun Stuff – ICT Recommended Online Learning Courses

Brian von KnoblauchBy Brian von Knoblauch

As a drummer, I enjoy using a couple tools online to learn new songs and methods. Drumeo is an online learning platform that is also great for taking online lessons and learning songs.  There are also some great YouTube channels for learning how to play in general or for specific songs.


Drumeo’s YouTube Channel

Drumless Backing Track’s YouTube Channel

Stanley ZiembaBy Stan Ziemba

Some very good resources for professional development are the great offerings provided by our very own Human Resources department.  They offer everything from classes on management and writing skills to diversity and accessibility training. 

Syracuse University Human Resources Learning and Development

Matt Coulter

By Matt Coulter

An online resource that has been very helpful to me over the years has been the website.  The website’s claim is that it provides “simple and interactive learning experiences”.

The key to this is their “Try it Yourself” code editing windows that allow you to see and interact with code samples and their output together:

Their website makes it very easy to find relevant information and presents it in a very clear manner:

After many years, I still find myself visiting their HTML tutorials and CSS tutorials!

Tom FazzioBy Tom Fazzio

Course (40 minutes):  Online Searching Tips and Tricks 

Effective search can dramatically improve efficiency.  This course has small modules on how to really begin to use search engines with tools like booleans (+ or -), limiting scope of a search, calculating time differences, and other interesting math conversions.

LinkedIn Learning Online Searching Tips and Tricks

Claire Harshberger headshotBy Claire Harshberger

I wish I had discovered the Zettelkasten Note Taking Method a long time ago.  I started a handwritten box of notes, but here are instructions for a digital set:

Zettelkasten Method (Explained Clearly with Examples and Software)  

Here’s a class on Microsoft Office Time Management that was time well spent for me:

LinkedIn Learning Time Management Fundamentals with Microsoft Office 

And for fun, I highly recommend this tutorial for any gardeners out there.  I have made these, and it’s basically a no-fail process!

Making Hypertufa Planters

David WickisBy Dave Wickis

I’ve been learning to use a 3d printer.  One of the best programs for creating your own models for 3d printing is Autodesk’s Fusion 360. 

Here’s a great LinkedIn learning course on getting started with Fusion 360: 

LinkedIn Learning Fusion 360 Essential Training

By Jackson McCall-Bush

This course was very helpful in learning the basics of Python.  There was a lot of interaction with the course, and I gleaned a lot even though I already knew the basics!  I cannot recommend this course enough!

LinkedIn Learning Python for Non-Programmers