Mobile Teaching Carts (MTCs) are carts with a computer, speakers and projector.  ICT provides these carts for use rooms in the Eggers/ Maxwell complex that do not have installed computers and projectors.  You can log into the computer with your Maxwell computer account to access network drives, email, etc as on other computers.

Reserve a MTC

Reservation Policy

  • Requests must be made at least 2 business days in advance and are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests with less than 2 business days’ notice or incomplete information may not be accommodated.
  • If required information is not provided or is invalid (such as a reservation for a non-existent room), ICT may not reserve the cart and does not guarantee delivery even if we confirm the reservation.
  • We allow 15 minutes to setup the equipment before your requested setup time. The room must be available for those 15 minutes. Classrooms typically allow only 10 minutes between classes, this situation is accounted for.
  • When reservations begin or end outside regular ICT hours (including setup time), the user will be responsible for setup and/or takedown of the MTC. The user is responsible for the security of the cart until retrieved during ICT’s regular business hours.
  • If you need the MTC ready at a time before the event start time, you must indicate the requested setup time.
  • The equipment must be available at the ‘end time’ submitted. Other reservations are often dependent on pickup at the ‘end time’.  Mobile Teaching Carts or components thereof, are not to be moved out of the Maxwell Complex (Maxwell Hall and Eggers Hall).


Equipment & Usage:

  • The user is responsible for the security of the equipment and repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
  • Requests to install programs on the machine must be made 7 days advance.
  • Data saved to the hard drive is routinely ERASED; do not depend on the MTC computer to retain your saved document for any amount of time.
  • If you are using a laptop, you must be able to provide a video signal. You must also be able to provide the correct video adapter from your laptops video out port to a VGA or HDMI port. We will only physically connect the video cable to the first laptop used; other laptops must be connected by the user. Laptop users will need to be familiar with how to enable the projector (or external monitor) connection on their laptop. ICT cannot provide technical support or video adapter cables for laptops during MTC setup.
  • The limited guest logon is provided for only the most basic functionality. Data saved using this account will NOT be available after logoff.


What the MTC Includes:

  • Computer with Microsoft Windows, Office, and other standard Maxwell software applications.
  • USB ports for flash drives
  • Video Projector
  • DVD/CD Drive
  • Wireless mouse & keyboard
  • 30′ power cord with power strip
  • 30′ Ethernet cord

Rooms Where Mobile Teaching Carts are NOT Needed:

MTCs are not neeeded in any of these electronic classrooms.  These classrooms already have an installed computer and projector system.  All other rooms may require a Mobile Teaching Cart.

Eggers Hall:

  • E010, E012, E018, E030, E032, E060, E070
  • E100A, E111, E112, E113, E155
  • E209, E220 (Public Events Room), E225B
  • E341, E441

Maxwell Hall:

  • M108, M110, M111, M117 (Maxwell Auditorium)
  • M315