Restoring Deleted Files & Recovering Previous Versions

You can restore files/folders you’ve saved over, deleted, or lost by performing a personal restore.

This service only applies to files in the following locations,

  • Documents folder (H: drive)
  • Collaborative drive (G: drive)

[box type=”shadow”] If you have deleted or lost a file or folder you must know the files location when you last worked on it. This is important as you will have to navigate to the folder one level above that location. The process is the same for both file and folder recoveries.[/box]
[learn_more caption=”Step 1 File Restore” state=”open”]

Example: You had a file in your “My Pictures” called “icons.psd“, but sometime in the last two weeks you deleted the file. You would like to recover that file and restore it to another location. You must first navigate to the area one level above where the file was stored. In this case:

H:\ My Pictures \Icons.psd

You would want to go to H:\

Restore previous version
Right-click on H Drive

Once you’re in the proper location right click on the folder that contained your file/folder that you want to restore and click “Restore previous versions” as in above screenshot. [/learn_more]


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You will see a list of dates and times to restore back to. Choose a date closest to when you last saw the file/folder you are looking for. Once you have selected a date, click on the “Open” button.

List of previous versions
List of available dates and times to restore from


[learn_more caption=”Step 3 File Restore” state=”open”]

After clicking “Open“, a window will come up showing you the folder just as it was on the date you chose. You will see the date appended to the title at the top of the folder in case you forget which folder you are in. Once in this folder you can “drag and drop” or “copy and paste” the files you wish to restore to another location. You also have the option of opening a specific file by double clicking on it and then once in the program that created it, going to “File->Save As“.

Folder path close up
Date and saving options


After you are done restoring your files/folders, close any open windows to finish the restore process.