Faculty Focus

Timur HammondTimur Hammond
Assistant Professor, Geography

How long have you been at the Maxwell School? One year.

Describe how you use technology in your research and/or teaching:
I try to use technology in a number of ways. In my teaching, I find it particularly useful to provide students with audio and visual media to help them better engage with course content. As a researcher, I make frequent use of photography as a tool to document the changing uses of the urban landscape; I am also beginning a new project in which I incorporate sound studies into the research that I do. With the support of a pre-proposal grant from the Department of Geography and the help of ICT, I purchased a SoundDevices MixPre-3 and a Rode shotgun microphone to better document the sonic landscape of Istanbul, Turkey. By documenting this landscape, I hope to both enhance our understanding of the role that sound plays in shaping individuals’ sense of urban identity and belonging and to develop new ways of communicating those sonic experiences to others.

What new technologies are you interested in using either in your teaching or for your personal use?
I have been really inspired by the range of new podcast and radio documentary work being produced [including programs like Radiolab, Scene on Radio, the Ottoman History Podcast and the website Transom.org] and am very excited to see academics pursue new forms of scholarship that cross the boundary between scholarly research and public engagement.

**ICT sends many thanks to Professor Hammond for participating in our newsletter!**