ICT Staff Focus- Shannon Glennon

Shannon Glennon portraitShannon Glennon, Software Specialist

How long have you been with the ICT Department?
8 Months

What do you do for ICT?
I provide training and support for all Microsoft Office products, Adobe Creative Cloud, and document Accessibility.  I have been working on creating several new training classes and I’m very excited to offer those in the near future.  I am grateful to be a part of the outstanding ICT team and have learned so much from them already.

What is the most challenging thing you have ever encountered on a job?
Believe it or not, navigating the building and campus, ha!  To this day I still make use of any available maps and my fantastically resourceful co-workers for guidance.

Is there anything you would like to share with the Maxwell community about yourself – something they might be surprised to know about you?
On the opposite end of the spectrum of my passion for technology, I love being outdoors and have taken an interest in learning to use heavy equipment.  I currently live on 55 acres (mostly woods) in northern NY, and have learned how to operate both a skid steer and 1951 Ford tractor.  My “job” is to limb brush, stack wood, split wood, and drag logs out of the woods with the tractor.  There is no heating system in the house, so the options are- get 25 cord of firewood cut, split, and stacked each year before winter, or freeze!