ICT Staff Focus – Claire Harshberger

Claire Harshberger headshotClaire Harshberger, Administrative Specialist

How long have you been with the ICT Department?
2 Months!

What do you do for ICT?
I place orders for everything from copy paper to high-end IT equipment, assist with human resources, asset management, budgeting, and more.

What is the most weirdest thing you have ever encountered on a job?
I used to work for an art dealer and researched objects for appraisals. The most memorable object was a .79-caliber Dutch flintlock musket that likely fired the shot heard ‘round the world.  The owner produced a good amount of credible evidence that eventually brought the gun to a very successful auction. 

Is there anything you would like to share with the Maxwell community about yourself – something they might be surprised to know about you?
I have three sons and two grandsons; just making up for growing up in a family of 5 daughters.  I also make a mean Sauerbraten! (Thanks, Dad)