Tips and Tricks – / The Wayback Machine

Matt Coulter

By Matt Coulter

Tips and Tricks – / The Wayback Machine 

Tracking down information that you had seen on a website but can no longer find can be a very useful tool to have available.  The Internet Archive ( helps people do exactly that. 

Step #1 

Enter the website address that you want to look up and hit enter: 

If the site has been captured, you will see a list of years where website snapshots are available and specific days when that address was captured. 

Step #2 

Choose the year and date you want to view.  When you go further back in time, you may find fewer snapshots are available.  Mousing over a specific date with a capture reveals a link:

Step #3 

Evaluate the content.  You will find that not all captures are equal.  Sometimes images will be missing and the site will be hard to visualize and navigate.  This is the case with this December 3, 2002 capture. 

Please note that even in a snapshot of a website with missing images, links will likely still work and the text will still be fully readable. 

Trying an alternate date will sometimes find more graphically complete versions of the site that you’re looking up.