Faculty Focus – Andre Ortega


Andre Ortega


Assistant Professor

How long have you been at the Maxwell School?

Three years

What department do you work in?

Geography and the Environment

How do you use technology in your research and/or teaching?

I use technology in all the courses I teach and in conducting data analysis.  In my counter-mapping class, I introduce a variety of software programs that students can use for creative mapping activities, such as Excel, QGIS, and Google Earth.  In my quantitative methods in human geography class, we use a variety of statistical and geospatial software programs, such as SPSS, Excel, and ArcGIS programs.  In my research, geospatial and statistical programs are indispensable in the analysis and presentation of my data.

What new technologies are you interested in using either in your teaching or for your personal use?

I am excited to learn and use new programs that integrate mapping with various platforms.  I look forward to using Felt, Tableau, and Mapbox.

Many thanks to Assistant Professor Ortega for participating in the ICT Newsletter!