April 2018 ICT Newsletter

  • James PattersonTriCaster TC1, Accessibility initiative
  • Ektron Update: How to Prevent Empty Hyperlinks in Ektron
  • Emerging Technology: ATSC3.0
  • The Global Collaboratory: new live transcription equipment for SLR
  • Maxwell Staff Focus: Nell Bartkowiak
  • Student Focus: James Patterson
  • Tips and Tricks: Use Voting Buttons in Outlook
  • ICT Staff Focus: What is Your Favorite Multimedia Site?

April 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
April 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 ICT Newsletter

  • Partial eclipse of the sunResearch Computing, Excel Training and Certification program, Improvements to assist students with study and collaboration, Accessible SU
  • Faculty Focus: Scott Landes
  • Ektron Update: Maxwell’s Web Presence: What’s Next?
  • Emerging Technology: Microsoft HoloLens
  • The Global Collaboratory: Events from the Fall Semester
  • Tips and Tricks: Customize Outlook’s Navigation Pane
  • Staff Focus: Must-See T.V. in the World of ICT
  • Student Focus: Sam DelFavero
  • Fun Stuff: Partial Eclipse of the Sun

December 2017 Newsletter (PDF Version)
December 2017 Newsletter


August 2017 ICT Newsletter

  • Excel 2016 logoUser Experience Virtualization, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 Certification, Stata MP4, Accessibility
  • Ektron Update: Maxwell School and the World Wide Web – Part One
  • Emerging Technology: Battles of the Voice Controlled Smart Speakers
  • Faculty Focus: Eugene Liu
  • Student Focus: Elizabeth Sedore
  • Tips and Tricks: Quick Parts
  • ICT Staff Focus: Common Questions ICT Receives from Users
  • The Global Collaboratory: Computer Aided Real-time Transcription

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April 2017 ICT Newsletter

Maxwell School Recording Studio

  • Windows 10 upgrade, research computing, accessibility training
  • Emerging Technology: Facebook Live
  • The Global Collaboratory: Maxwell School Recording Studio
  • ICT Staff Focus: Favorite applications
  • Maxwell School YouTube Page
  • Maxwell School Staff Focus: Gretchen Fitzgerald
  • Tips and Tricks: Smart Lookup
  • ICT Student Focus: Shuning Zhang

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December 2016 ICT Newsletter

  • 25th Issue logo25th Issue of the ICT Newsletter, research computing, accessibility
  • Ektron Update: Proactive Web Page Accessibility Scanning
  • Emerging Technology: Review of past topics
  • The Global Collaboratory: Review of past articles
  • Tips and Tricks: Email one worksheet from an Excel file
  • Student Focus: Where are they now?
  • Faculty Focus / Maxwell Staff Focus: Review of past participants
  • Memories from past newsletters

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August 2016 ICT Newsletter

  • Orange SUccess, computing research, AccessibilitySmartThings Hub
  • Ektron Update: Sizing Photos for the Web
  • Maxwell Staff Focus: Isaac Olson
  • Emerging Technology: Samsung SmartThings
  • The Global Collaboratory: GC update and recent events
  • Tips and Tricks: File Explorer in Windows 10
  • Fun Stuff: Favorite ICT Staff Vacation Pictures

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April 2016 ICT Newsletter

  • Windows 10, Office 2016, Global Collaboratory Upgrade, AccessibilityEktron Site or Dashboard
  • Maxwell Student Focus: Jen Brooks
  • ICT Staff Focus: What does the ICT Staff like about Windows 10?
  • Ektron Update: The Ektron Dashboard
  • Emerging Technology: The Internet of Things
  • The Global Collaboratory: Recent Events
  • Tips and Tricks: Outlook and Word changes

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December 2015 Newsletter

Windows 10 logo

  • Deployment of Windows 10; Office 2016; Green Days and remote desktop users; Accessibility training continues
  • Faculty Focus: Christopher R. DeCorse
  • Emerging Technology: Windows 10
  • Ektron Update: reCaptcha
  • Student Focus: Adam Gendler
  • The Global Collaboratory
  • Reboot Your Computer!
  • Staff Holiday Traditions

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August 2015 Newsletter

  • Hand holding a, Fast Forward Syracuse, Accessibility
  • Cincopa
  • Maxwell Staff Focus: Christina Leigh Deitz
  • Student Focus: Nikeeta Raveendra Menon
  • Emerging Technology: Drones
  • The Global Collaboratory: Video Conferencing
  • Tips and Tricks: The Excel 2013 Watch Window
  • ICT Family Follow-up

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